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This afternoon, Communities for Transportation Choice sent this letter to the heads of the Los Angeles City Departments of Planning and Transportation:

Via Electronic Mail and Federal Express 

20 August 2009

Rita Robinson
General Manager, Los Angeles Department of Transportation
100 S. Main St., 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012
E-mail: rita.robinson@lacity.org and ladot@lacity.org

S. Gail Goldberg, AICP
General Manager, Los Angeles Department of City Planning
200 N. Spring Street, Room 525 CH
Los Angeles, CA 90012
E-mail: gail.goldberg@lacity.org

Re: Records Request for Los Angeles City Bicycle Plan Update 2009

Dear General Managers Goldberg and Robinson:

On behalf of Communities for Transportation Choice, we write to request the disclosure of records pursuant to the California Public Records Act, Gov’t Code § 6250 et seq. We request all documents related to the proposed update of the city of Los Angeles’ Bicycle Plan in the possession, custody, or control of the city of Los Angeles, including but not limited to external and internal communications, internal file, memorandums, surveys, budget and accounting, workshop minutes, notes, reports, studies, emails, or portions thereof (hereinafter “documents”). Specifically, we request all documents and any drafts thereof, reflecting, including, identifying, mentioning, referring, discussing, describing, reporting, comprising, listing, or analyzing, the following:

1. decision-making process, meeting minutes, position papers, background information, studies, communications, documents, fact sheets, notices, drafts (including, but not limited to, all drafts submitted to the city by subcontractors including Alta Planning & Design,) et cetera, related to the proposed update of the Bicycle Plan;
2. documents related to budgets and accounting of the proposed update of the Bicycle Plan

Further, we request that the city of Los Angeles waive any fees that it would otherwise charge for production of the records described above because the documents will further the public interest in that they will serve to elucidate the inner workings of the city of Los Angeles and its bicycle planning processes and assist the public in understanding the history and decision-making of the proposed plan update and this request is not in the commercial interest of Communities for Transportation Choice.
Please provide the records described above irrespective of the status and outcome of your evaluation of our fee category assertion and fee waiver request. Please consult with us, however, if the fee is to exceed one-hundred fifty (150) dollars. To minimize costs we prefer documents in electronic format, if possible. Nothing in this request is to constitute any waiver of Communities for Transportation Choice’s right to seek administrative or judicial review of any denial of its fee waiver request and/or rejection of its fee category assertion.

If the city of Los Angeles is legally required to redact any of the documents identified above to protect the personal privacy interests identified in Govt. Code § 6254(c), please inform me of the required redactions and produce copies of the documents as redacted. If the city of Los Angeles decides to withhold any responsive records, please provide a log that describes such records and the basis for your determination that such records are exempt from disclosure within the ten-day time limit established by CPRA Govt. Code § 6253(c).

Please produce the records above by sending them to Communities for Transportation Choice at the addresses specified below and/or publishing them on a publicly available, text-searchable, internet site where all the documents remain publicly available for at least five years. Please produce them on a rolling basis; at no point should the city of Los Angeles’ search for – or deliberations concerning – certain records delay the production of others that the agency has already retrieved and elected to produce. In the event the city of Los Angeles believes that some of the records requested herein may already be publicly available, we will be happy to discuss these instances with city of Los Angeles officials in an effort to narrow the scope of this request.

Please promptly provide copies of the above mentioned documents as soon as possible as this request is extremely time-sensitive and intimately related to on-going planning processes and our ability to competently participate therein. Please do not hesitate to call us at the numbers listed below. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Erik Knutzen
Direct: 213.483.3669

Joe Linton
Direct: 213.220.1608

Communities for Transportation Choice
131 1/2 Bimini Place
Los Angeles, CA 90004-5902



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