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Announcing our new Bike Plan Documents page! Communities for Transportation Choice is beginning to receive and post documents we’ve received from our public records request. To view bike plan documents, see this page. We’ve posted our records request letter here.

We wish to publicly thank the Los Angeles Department of City Planning (DCP) for providing us these documents. Thank you to DCP’s helpful staff including Jordann Turner, Beatrice Pacheco, and others, and to DCP General Manager Gail Goldberg.

We understand that many municipalities are facing budget crises and can’t always afford to get public documents out to the public. So CTChoice is doing our part to help the city to increase its transparency and to foster a healthy civic dialog, by publishing documents that will help the public learn about the city’s  bike plan process.

CTChoice is currently an all-volunteer group. We’re looking for additional volunteers to help out, and, of course for donations to defray our costs. Though we requested documents electronically, so far, all we’re getting is photocopies of paper documents. Every photocopied page costs us 10 cents, then paper pages need to be scanned and posted. If you’re willing and able to help scan documents (especially if you have access to your own scanner, espcially scanners convenient for multi-page documents), please contact us. Information to contact us and/or donate is at the bottom of our about page.


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On Monday August 31st 2009, Communities for Transportation Choice received the following email in response to our California Public Records Act request posted at an earlier weblog entry here. The email is from a civil servant who identifies herself as Principal Clerk, City Planning (DCP), and is copied to DCP’s Jordann Turner.

Here is the full succinct text of this Principal Clerk’s August 31st 2009 email:

Hello, Mr. Linton and Mr. Knutzen:

Attached please find the response from the City Planning Dept. regarding your public records act request.

Principal Clerk
[contact information]

The email included an attached letter. It’s a pdf which appears to be a scanned document, hence not text-searchable, so I have transcribed a portion of it here:

After thorough research, we have determined that the City Planning Department is in posession of various documents pertinent to the above subject [the city’s Bike Plan] request . These documents will be available for your review starting Friday, September 4, 2009. You are welcome to view these documents here in Automated Records and Files, Room 575, City Hall. Our office hours are 8:30 to 4:00 Monday thru Thursday and 8:30 to 3:00 on Fridays.

Again, the full pdf attachment  is viewable here: DCP_20090831162849188

Communities for Transportation Choice is planning to head down to City Hall on Friday September 4th 2009. We’re looking forward to seeing what documetns the DCP’s thorough research has turned up.

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